Beyond the Pitch:
How To Excel in
MedTech Sales

Beyond the Pitch: How To Excel in MedTech Sales

In pursuing groundbreaking or transformational technology, the expectation is often that a great product will essentially “sell itself.” However, in an environment with increased focus on value-based care and imminent threats from lower-cost competition, commercial success requires more than showcasing a product’s innovative, new features. Being a consultative seller and reliable partner—a trusted advisor—is crucial.

Understand your customer.

Do not over-focus on the specific procedure where the technology is applied. Recognize the broader impact on time management and procedure volume.

Demonstrate industry expertise.

Stay informed about industry dynamics, recalls, study results, and product approvals to engage prospects and customers with relevant conversations.

Invest in relationships beyond the professional realm.

Knowing where a clinician trained and practiced and who is in their network allows connection on a deeper level and fosters long-term partnerships.

RepSignal provides the insights you need to excel in medtech sales. 

Access comprehensive clinician and site-level profiles for highly targeted customer engagement strategies. Seamlessly integrate market and customer intelligence with your CRM. Optimized workflows, from target identification to performance tracking, help achieve revenue targets faster and propel ongoing success.