The Rise Of ASCs:
Tools & Intelligence
You Need To Adapt

The Rise Of ASCs: Tools & Intelligence You Need To Adapt

Accurate, site-level insights are imperative for commercial success.

The success of new, tailored strategies hinges on understanding procedure volumes and types, ownership structures, and affiliations of ASCs. 20% are estimated to be either hospital-owned or affiliated, which has significant implications for the buying processes. Broadly speaking, surgeons have more purchase decision power at ASCs compared to the typical hospital VAC process, which potentially reduces sales cycle time. Physician- and corporate-owned ASCs pose different considerations, particularly regarding the economics of adopting new technologies, paving the way for bundled solutions across capital. In response to these trends, leading medtech companies are deploying ASC-focused commercial teams and distributors.

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) have experienced a remarkable surge.

Since 2000 the number of ASC operating rooms has more than tripled to over 35,000 in 2023. ASCs now perform nearly 25% of hip replacements and 33% of knee replacements, indicating a significant shift in where outpatient procedures are performed.

Similar trends can be observed in other medical interventions, such as coronary procedures which were also previously confined to hospital settings. Various market factors have contributed to this shift toward ASCs, including improvements in the safety, medical technologies for less-invasive procedures, progressive payment models favoring lower-cost settings of care, and strong physician and patient preferences for settings that reduce logistical and economic burdens.

Major joint replacement procedures performed at ASCs in the U.S.

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