Digital Transformation:
A Debate With
Industry Stakeholders

Digital Transformation: A Debate With Industry Stakeholders

In recent discussions with industry innovators, investors, and solution providers, we provocatively imagined a future without traditional sales reps, and a shift towards alternative approaches to device sales. We’ve uncovered several key take-aways:

Sales reps are integral but face evolving responsibilities.

With device innovations booming and the number of reps declining, performance expectations are greater than ever. Post-COVID, gaining access to decision makers, virtual selling, and the influence of technology and AI are reshaping sales dynamics.

Successful selling demands a shift towards data-driven decision making.

Expanding into new markets highlights the critical role of accurate, up-to-date market and customer intelligence. Despite data-backed strategies, challenges persist in optimizing sales force structures and productivity.

Outperforming reps establish trust and act as consultative advisors.

A deep understanding of market dynamics, competitive trends, and emerging technologies are critical. Currently, only a small percentage of reps embody this consultative approach.

What emerged as evident is that the capability to foresee and promptly adjust to industry dynamics is crucial for the success of medtech commercial teams.

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