Case Study

AI For Hearts: Validating Novel Cardiac Diagnostic Technology


An angel-funded company developing a noninvasive, AI-powered cardiac diagnostic technology needed a robust 5-year commercialization plan to secure Series C funding and map out their sales pipeline.


The medtech innovator partnered with S2N Health on developing a comprehensive strategy to validate the technology’s market fit and inform financial projections.

  • Deep Dive With Cardiologists: RepSignal data and qualitative interviews with cardiologists uncovered current practices, adoption drivers/barriers, and potential early adopters.
  • Business Model Exploration: We explored various pricing models for the algorithm-based technology, including subscription, pay-per-click, and free initial deployment.
  • Early Use Case Definition: Combining available launch data, physician feedback, and competitor analysis, we identified the optimal initial application within the diagnostic pathway.
  • Financial Modeling: Cost and revenue models were developed for the U.S. market, factoring in various sales force scenarios.


Equipped with a robust commercialization plan, the company is now entering pivotal trials, poised to secure Series C funding and bring this life-saving technology to market.