Case Study

Capture The ASC Boom: Pivoting Commercial Strategies


A leading global medical company with novel patient monitoring technology faced a shifting market. Surgical procedures in key clinical areas including orthopedics, gastrointestinal, vascular, general surgery, and gynecology are increasingly migrating from traditional hospitals to Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs). This trend disrupted established sales strategies focused on hospitals and required a new approach to capture growth.


The company partnered with S2N Health to leverage RepSignal’s customer intelligence platform and optimize their CRM system.

  • Identifying High-Value ASCs: RepSignal’s data insights, integrated with, revealed key factors such as surgical volume, equipment needs, and physician preferences. This enabled the prioritization of high-value ASCs with the greatest potential for adopting the company’s patient monitoring technology.
  • Custom Analytics & Targeting: Working with S2N Health, the company developed custom analytics within These analytics allowed them to segment ASCs based on specific criteria, further refining their targeting strategy, and ensuring sales reps focused on the most lucrative opportunities.
  • Actionable Insights for Sales Teams: Real-time data and insights from RepSignal empowered sales representatives to tailor their messaging and approach to each ASC’s unique needs and decision-making process.


This data-driven approach yielded impressive results, securing the company a greater share of the patient monitoring market, particularly within the ASC segment.