Case Study

From Insight To Impact: Data-Driven M&A Strategy Fuels Market Entry


A leading medical technology company sought to enter the U.S. market for their home care solutions. Recognizing the strategic importance of home care, they planned to leverage a series of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) to rapidly build a comprehensive home care portfolio. However, they needed a data-driven approach to identify the most effective acquisition targets.


The company partnered with S2N Health to develop a comprehensive M&A roadmap.

  • RepSignal Data Analytics: S2N Health leveraged the RepSignal intelligence platform to understand physician adoption of home care technologies, identify key players in the market, and assess market trends. This data provided crucial insights into the competitive landscape and potential acquisition targets.
  • Primary Market Research: In conjunction with RepSignal data, S2N Health conducted in-depth primary market research. This included interviews with key stakeholders, such as home health providers, physicians specializing in home care, and existing home care technology companies.


RepSignal identified high-value acquisition targets with complementary technologies that would create call point synergies throughout the care continuum. By leveraging these insights, the company was able to prioritize M&A targets with a higher probability of success, minimizing acquisition risk.