Case Study

Automate The Sales Funnel With AI-Powered Analytics


A medtech company with a novel technology for patients at risk of heart failure relied on a manual process to identify and prioritize sales targets. This time-consuming approach limited sales focus and visibility into performance, hindering overall operational effectiveness.


The company partnered with S2N Health to integrate RepSignal’s AI-powered healthcare data platform with their existing CRM system. This integration automated key steps throughout the sales workflow.

  • Opportunity Identification: By analyzing physician activity and past sales data, RepSignal automatically identified high-potential sales opportunities, saving reps time and ensuring timely follow-up.
  • Lead Scoring: RepSignal provided automated scoring based on factors like physician prescribing patterns and hospital capabilities. This ensured reps focus on the most qualified leads.
  • Expert-Curated Analytics: RepSignal’s seamless integration with provides leadership with real-time insights into sales performance, pipeline health, and key metrics. This enabled data-driven decision making and improved operational productivity.


The integration of RepSignal with realized operational efficiencies, enhanced sales focus, and empowered leadership to optimize sales performance.