Case Study

Find The Right Fit: Accelerating Clinical Trials


To ensure a successful clinical trial for their groundbreaking left atrial appendage closure (LAAC) technology, a medtech company needed to identify the right hospitals and referring physicians—those with the experience, patient population, and willingness to participate.


RepSignal provided the therapy development team with a wealth of focused market and customer insights, including:

  • Hospital Capabilities: Identification of hospitals with the necessary infrastructure and expertise to conduct the trial.
  • Physician Expertise: Targeting physicians who specialize in treating patients who could benefit from LAAC technology and have a history of participating in clinical trials.
  • Patient Population: Locating hospitals with a high volume of patients suitable for the trial criteria.


By leveraging RepSignal’s AI-powered market and customer intelligence, the company was able to streamline trial site selection and target physician outreach. The therapy development team was able to focus their outreach efforts on high-potential referring physicians, leading to more productive conversations and increased interest in the trial.